fantasia*Well look who’s back on Twitter.

That’s right, Fantasia took a few moments recently to make her big re-debut via the 140 character social media network. It was her way of saying she misses the fans and followers.

“I felt such a void & a disconnect from the social media & my true fans that I thought long & hard about this come back,” she wrote. “I’ve NEVER had a Facebook acct. & this is the only Twitter acct. I’ve ever had so I made my come back personal for my twit family.”

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However, upon her  return, she didn’t talk about the rumors regarding the father of her child, Antwaun Cook getting back with his wife.

But she did celebrate the birth of her child.

“As you know I gave birth on December 13th to my son Dallas Xavier Barrino who is now 4months old. Zion is now 10yrs old & she is such a wonderful big sister & is so happy to have a little brother,” she said.

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Fannie also revealed that a new album is on its way out. The new music is different she admits, but strictly “FANTASIA.”

Finally, she took time to address the R. Kelly non-performance, saying she had nothing to do with his wackness. She said did say, though, that she loves R. Kelly, despite the ridicule.