*When people hear the name Rick Ross, they automatically think of the Miami rapper who has become a mega-star in the industry.

But that Rick Ross got his name from an 80s drug dealer out of Los Angeles who was one of the biggest drug kingpins ever.

Freeway Ricky Ross wreaked havoc on the streets of California but after serving a long prison term, he says he’s changed.

Check out an excerpt from his exclusive interview with the Loop 21 below.

Loop 21: How do you think the music industry glamorizes the drug culture you helped create?

Rick Ross: I think it’s terrible when you have people who have never sold drugs, and never been in the drug game say that they have, and say that they attribute their success to selling drugs. Could you imagine what kind of damage it would do if Donald Trump suddenly said that he accumulated all of his wealth from selling drugs? It would send a message to the people that is crazy. And why would he do it? I mean why wouldn’t he just tell people the real about how he accomplished his success? I mean, most people do.

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