bill oreilly & geraldo rivera*We’re not sure what Gerald Rivera’s problem is as far as Trayvon Martin, but he’s definitely got one.

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Since the release of the 7-Eleven surveillance video show Trayvon purchasing some items before he was killed by George Zimmerman, Rivera has made it his business to point out that the youngster was wearing what he calls “thug wear.”

Friday night on The O’Reilly Factor, Rivera dismissed the THC in Martin’s bloodstream as not being a serious issue, but when it came to the hoodie and trayvon’s 6’2″ height, well now that, in his mind, classified him as a thug and all the reason Zimmerman needed to kill him.

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Sounds crazy and a lot like racial profiling, right. Even O’Reilly pointed that out, even if he was only “playing devils advocate.”