gifted nation (wide)*Los Angeles, CA – Gifted Nations is pleased to announce Positive Tweet Day (a two part event), beginning 10:00 A.M. EST on May 26, 2012.

The first part of PTD consist of a 24 hour mission to post tweets dedicated only to encouraging messages, thoughts, experiences, sightings, pictures, poems, quotes, videos, stories, etc.

The goal is to demonstrate this concept: if we can be positive for a single day, why can’t we adapt the attitude as a lifestyle? This two part event concludes one week from launch date with testimonials of how Positive Tweet Day affected individuals. Utilizing Youtube, individuals will record their testimony of two minutes or less and email the Youtube link via comment section. Testimonials will then be posted to the Gifted Nations Facebook Fan page and group page.

The group’s initial mission was to change the world one song at a time. Gifted Nations have evolved and with the establishment of Positive Tweet Day kicking off on May 26th, then continuing each year on the fourth Saturday of May thereafter they have captured the attention and celebrity endorsements from great icons such as stand-up comic, talk show host, and Oscar Award Winning Actress~ Mo’Nique, Actress, Producer, Owner/Co-Founder of Amazing Grace Conservatory~ Wendy Raquel Robinson, Actor~ Alimi Ballard, Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter~ B. Howard, and Darkchild Artist~ Dylan Allen to name a few.

“Positive Tweet Day ROCKS!!! Using social media to inspire and empower = GREATNESS. We need more of this among our young people…our GROWN people for that matter.” – Alimi Ballard

Positive Tweet Day was conceived to heighten the level on positive communication amongst our young people by creating a movement that will encourage effective and positive communication about the importance and need to utilize social media to speak more positive words and actions into the world and our young people.

“The world is increasingly becoming more positive in thought and in action, let this positive tweet day be a more obvious representation of how many of us are in pursuit of love.” – B. Howard

“Being positive means taking action in your walk and your talk, it’s not just a word. #bpositve” –Dylan Allen

Positive Tweet Day is May 26th and Gifted Nations are calling on family, fans, foundations, corporations, municipalities, radio personalities, and anyone else who have a Twitter account and/or can create a Twitter account to use on this day to transform attitudes, change lives and bring back hope.

About Gifted Nations
Gifted Nations is a multi-culture interracial positive teen pop girl group ranging in age from 14-17. The ethnicities of the teens are African- American, African- American/Japanese, Hispanic, and European. The motto of GN is to change the world one song at a time through thought provoking and entertaining music that is age appropriate and exemplifies love, peace, joy, and happiness with a positive outlook on life. Each member of Gifted Nations shares a multitude of talent.

About Triple-Diamond Productions, LLC
Triple-Diamond Productions, LLC is an entertainment production company dedicated to providing outstanding professional consulting, management, leadership, and project development services to artists. Our company strives to cultivate the highest possible level of artist achievement through passionate, inspirational, and innovative contributions to every project we take on. TDP is the creator and producer of the TV pilot “Just The 2 of Us” and Gifted Nations. “Just the 2 of Us” currently is in production to be pitched to major studios and cable networks.




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