*Halle Berry went off on nosy celebrity photographers outside of her baby girl’s school.

Paparazzi were hanging out by Nahla’s school in Los Angeles Thursday and when they spotted the mother with her 4-year-old daughter, flashes started popping.

But they caught her at the wrong place and wrong time. Sources say one of the photographers may have gotten a little too close to the small family.

“It is inappropriate for these people to stalk a child’s school everyday,” a source close to Halle toldE! News.

“They pushed too far [today],” the insider added. “Halle felt that her daughter was being threatened. Having words with someone who is stalking your family is not out of line.”

When a mother feels her young are threatened, she goes off.

Halle confronted the photographers and even approached on in a car, pointing and hollering at whomever was inside.

Berry shouted “You’re a piece of sh*t,” among other not so nice thoughts, as she felt the photogs were getting too close to her little girl.

“I’m doing something honorable, Halle also screamed. “I’m not harassing people!”

Berry and fiance Olivier Martinez are looking to move to France where the anti-paparazzi laws are much more strict. So far, however, a judge in her bitter lawsuit with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, has blocked the move.

An incident report was also filed inside of the Beverly Hills preschool.

This isn’t the first time Halle took action against the paparazzi. In 2008, she filed a complaint against Fame Pictures for distributing photos of her daughter the company claimed were taken in public. Halle contested they were in her backyard.

As a result, the company complied with her cease and desist order.

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