*During the promotional leadup to last week’s premiere of “America’s Got Talent,” we were told that Howard Stern gave a 7-year-old rapper the dismissal “X” and made him cry, then felt so bad that he ran on stage to give the boy a hug.

Well, the segment aired last night. [Scroll down to watch.]

Hosting auditions in New York City, Stern — alongside seasoned judges Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel — saw Philadelphia-based rapper Mir Money, 7, take the stage.

The pint-sized rapper had host Nick Cannon head nodding backstage to his off-beat rhymes, but Stern wasn’t impressed. He quickly sounded his buzzer to vote him off, and Osbourne followed suit.

“You’re a very nice young man — you are very brave to get up there. No one likes hitting the ‘X’ on a 7-year-old,” Stern, 58, reasoned as the contestant broke down in tears, prompting Cannon to declare the shock jock a “mean man.”

Realizing how his actions hurt the contestant, Stern rushed on stage to apologize and give the child a hug. “You know what, Mir Money? I’ve met a lot of rappers — I’m on the radio, I’ve interviewed them — and none of them are as quite as good as you,” Stern said as a consolation.

Watch below.