janet jackson*Aside from being a sex symbol, Janet Jackson is known for something else — her sexy lyrics.

Throughout the years, we have gotten all hot and bothered at some of her songs like “Moist,” “All for You” and “If” to name a few.


One of our partner sites, The Urban Daily, decided to create a list of her top 10 sexiest lyrics ever.

Check out one of her top 10 sexiest lyrics below:

10. “Strawberry Bounce” Damita Jo (2004)

Raciest Line: “Bump the beat/Just watch the way I pump it/The way I work it gonna keep you cumin’”

For a dude whose thirst for Janet is in the extreme percentile, this is a fantasy come true. Show me a man who says they don’t want to watch Janet pump it and I’ll show you a man who is a virgin and knows nothing of self pleasure. The thought of Ms. Jackson (yes, I’m nasty.) writhing provocatively in a video is enough to raise Lazarus. If she displays that much freakiness on stage, imagine how she puts it down behind closed doors. After all, she did say, “I’m a pro. You won’t be disappointed!” Oww!

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