keke palmer (rags poster)*KeKe Palmer has updated the Cinderella story in a new Nickelodeon television movie “Rags.”

The actress turned the fairytale upside-down however by putting a modern twist to it. KeKe plays the role of a pop princess Kadee Worth who needs a little rescuing and does a little rescuing for herself.

She saves the title character Rags, who’s real name is Charlie. The guy wants to make an iconic name for himself in the music industry.

In this story, the guy is in the position of the traditional Cinderella, in need of some help.

“This time you get to see a guy in that position. It lets guys know that everybody has dreams and you don’t have to be afraid to [let] them shine. You don’t have to let other people tell you what you can or cannot do,” KeKe told S2S. “Usually you see girls going through that.”

Kadee is a girl with all the fame, riches and fans. But is void of true happiness.

“It was important to show that just because you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing it in the way that you want,” KeKe explained about Kadee’s dilemma. “She loves singing, she loves to do music, but the music she’s doing is not all music from her heart.”

But things turn around for Kadee when she meets Charlie. The two become each other’s salvation and help one another to live their dreams.

“Rags” premiered Monday, but will re-air today at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific on Nickelodeon.