*After months of drama, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian reportedly are close to finalizing their divorce settlement, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Although Humphries is not getting any kind of apology from Kardashian as he had requested — or admission that their 72-day marriage was merely a publicity stunt to boost ratings for her reality show — he’s agreed to end the drawn-out estrangement that has lasted far longer than their marriage, the paper reports.

“Kris finally realizes he can no longer keep ‘fighting city hall,’ ” said a longtime friend of the Humphries family from Minnesota. “The Kardashians are just too powerful and have too much money to fight him with.”

The NBA star is said to be sick of the ongoing teasing he gets from everyone he sees, including fellow players. “It’s got really nasty since Kim went public with her affair with Kanye [West],” added the source.

It’s unclear how much, if any, money will be paid to Humphries, who previously has said he was not looking to reap any financial rewards from Kardashian.

(L-R) Kim and Khloe Kardashian

Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian says her older sister Kim has learned her lesson from showing her relationships on the family’s reality show, and that she won’t be making that same mistake with Kanye.

Discussing Kim’s failed 72-day marriage to Humphries, Khloe said that her sister has now become more private to avoid being exposed in the future.

“I think Kim will be more protective of certain parts of her life now because of what she has been through,” Khloe told Showbiz Spy. “Kim has learned a lot from what she went through and I don’t think she will want to show as much on camera as she used to. But if there is a family dinner or an event then, yeah, he’ll be there. Why wouldn’t he?”