The city of Grand Rapids, Michigan has its share of celebrities that we have all known about for a long time including Debarge, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  and Marvin Sapp but there’s a new name that I want to introduce to you; Henry Sapp!

Yeah, you guessed it. He’s a relative of Pastor Marvin Sapp. In fact, he’s the younger brother and an up and coming star in the comedy world.

Henry Sapp traveled across the US with other comedians on the Laughalujah “Silly as They Wanna Be” Comedy Tour and he didn’t disappoint a soul! The brotha is flat out funny and oh Lawd can he destroy a crowd!  Henry Sapp is non-stop funny from the time he gets off the plane until he sleeps…he might even crack jokes in his sleep.  And yes, he’s another comic due to appear in the upcoming Laughalujah feature film.

Remember that Duvale Murchison was the first one to tell you about comedian Henry Sapp; the next big name out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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