letoya luckett*Former Destiny’s Child member, now solo artist, Letoya Luckett is down on her luck  somewhat.

One of her popular fan sites shut down in a dramatic fashion after posting a harsh letter to the singer.

Before the Letoya News Network shut down, the site administrator described what seems to be a terrible break up, scolding Luckett for ignoring her loyal fans. The writer reminds the singer turned actress that her true gift is in music.

Check out the hissy fit filled post below from the sites administrator, “Common”:

“Most artists would kill to have a fanbase like yours. I don’t understand this reluctance to communicate with your fans. Break the barrier already!
STOP this secrecy. You have (had?) DIE HARD fans, not every artist has that. But for some reason it feels like you neither respect nor appreciate them. You make us feel like we’re trash, like we don’t count. You have said hurtful things to fans I won’t mention here. You shouldn’t forget that you’re on our payroll and that without us fans there wouldn’t be a LeToya.
You don’t understand how the new music industry works. Your mindset is still very old school. You always leave fans in the dark. As a result you’re losing them by the minute….
I absolutely don’t give a F about Smooth Touch, I don’t care about Gospel plays, I don’t care about any of the acting. I wanted MUSIC and most importantly for some unknown reason I wanted to witness you being successful at it. It’s not just that I want to have more tracks from you. It’s that I want to see you enjoy success like a Drake or a Keri Hilson because I know you deserve it so much….
Anyway when your album comes out, if ever, I’ll definitely download it on rapidshare. I’ll enjoy it but no more me buying hundreds of them and selling them around for you…
You just lost one of your greatest stan. PS: If you don’t address this, it will be the proof to me that you don’t give a damn about your fans.”

 Update …

Well guess who’s all kissy- kissy now? Letoya reached out to Common and had a heart to heart so all is forgiven. Awww. Click here to see how the drama was resolved.