lil boosie*On Friday, Torrence Hatch, also known as Lil Boosie, was found not guilty of the first-degree murder of Terry Boyd after a week of testimonies.

The rapper was accused of soliciting a hit man, Marlo Mike (Michael Louding), to kill the 35-year-old victim for $2,800. The man was found dead in his Louisiana home in October 2009.

Louding touted his guilt in killing the victim to law enforcement, but later took back his words saying he was forced to make a false confession to the police.

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Prosecution attempted to use Louding’s thrown out confession, cell phone records, and his rapper friend’s gun slinging lyrics as evidence in the trial, and called 30 witnesses to the stand.

However, the defense avoided calling up any witnesses.

The jury was made up of nine women and three men.

Boosie is currently serving time for drug smuggling charges and will remain in jail for the remainder of his sentence of eight years.