*Rapper Lil Wayne is known for a lot of things nowadays.

Aside from being one of the best rappers in the industry and selling a bunch of records, Dwayne Carter is also known for a clothing line geared towards skaters and those wacky, fuzzy Uggs we have seen him wearing on various occasions.

Can you say weird?

But where we might say Lil Wayne is normal (in a rapper’s world) is that he only has four baby mama’s.

Who are the women who have had Lil Wayne’s children?

Check out the list below.

Lauren London

Known as the cutesy star in the movie “ATL,” the world was shocked when they found out that she was pregnant by Wayne.

Many sites expected the beautiful young actress to end up with someone … umm … beautiful as well. Aside from that, no one thought she was even attracted to a guy like Wayne.

But if there’s one thing London got out of this, it’s security; probably lifetime security being the mother of one of Wayne’s children.

The  couple has a son named Cameron together.


Nivea is an Atlanta native and 29-year-old recording artist who failed to hit it big aside from a few songs.

The singer has a kid from the singer “The Dream,” but had a kid with Lil Wayne named Neal Carter who is now 3-years-old.

The couple is no longer together and Nivea has made countless songs about their torrid love affair.

Toya Carter

Antona Carter was the first woman that Lil Wayne reportedly fell in love with.

Toya Carter, as she is known, met Dwayne Carter in their hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. When she was 14 they were in love and she became pregnant. By 22, he’d become “Lil Wayne,” and she was a divorced single mom, living in Atlanta.

Since then, the mother has started dating another rap industry personality Memphitz and is reportedly pregnant by him. For a brief stint, she was part of a BET show called “Tiny and Toya” with T.I.’s wife Tiny.

The couple has a young teenager daughter together named Reginae.

Sarah Vivan

Wayne’s first son is Dwayne Michael Carter III. He had this child with Sarah Vivan who Wayne met in Cincinnati while he was on tour.

Sarah is an aspiring stylist like many celebrity rappers wives tend to be.

She is 24-years-old and has another child apart from the one she has with Wayne.