mary j. blige*The queen of Hip Hop Soul explained the issues involving a recently revealed lawsuit regarding her charity.

Mary J. Blige and business partner Steve Stoute were faced with a serious issue when their organization, Mary J. Blige Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now [FFAWN], was hit with a major suit.

In a recent interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, the singer explained that the worker bees dropped the ball when it came to paying off a $250,000 loan.

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But the issue has been rectified and the organization is still up and running.

“It happens that FFAWN has been mismanaged [financially],” she explained. “When I found out about all these issues and things concerning FFAWN, I immediately got on the phone with my lawyers and my advisors and tried to rectify this and fix this so none of those women [aided by the charity] would suffer that are going to college…my goal is to do exactly what I set out to do and my motives were true and upfront: I set out to empower, encourage and help women and because I got a second chance myself, I wanted to give them a second chance. But it turns out that the business part of it was not managed properly…the funding that needed to come in for everything, the business side [of the organization] dropped the ball and everyone was about to suffer.”

Now that FFAWN is restructured, the grants and scholarships it’s known to distribute are secure for recipients in the future.

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