Taraji P. Henson & Michael Ealy*OK, straight up, Michael Ealy and Taraji P. Henson are not dating.

The actor addressed the recent rumors on the “Wendy Williams” show, denying that the two are doing more than just working.

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“I know where this is coming from because after the film Taraji was stalking me a little bit. I think that’s what’s really spawning all of these rumors. So I told her, ‘You know, you gotta stop. It was just a movie,'” Michael said with a sly smile. “Um, but, no, no seriously, we’re not together. But I guess we sold it onscreen because a lot of people believed that.”

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Yes they did, and they might make a good looking couple. Meanwhile, Ealy’s mom was quite proud of his performance as well, steamy scenes and all.

“She was happy about ‘Think Like a Man,'” the actor said. “Her biggest question every time I do a movie is, ‘Are you gonna die?’ And then the second question is, ‘Are you gonna be naked?’”