*Common Law actor Michael Ealy is one of the newest black stars taking over Hollywood.

He recently appeared in the popular “Think Like A Man” movie and also in “Underworld 4” earlier this year.

But before he became a star in all these films, he’s also a sex symbol as women fawn over the green eyed star.

Check out 2 of the 7 things you didn’t know about the handsome actor brought to you by our partner site, Essence:

5. His guilty pleasure is watching Ice Loves Coco
“I don’t know why,” says Ealy. “It might be because they have a bulldog named Spartacus, and that’s just genius.”

4. He’s an excellent painter…just not the kind you think
Have a room you need painted? Michael Ealy’s your guy. “I’m actually very good with Home Depot-handy type of paintwork,” he says.

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