michelle obama*Presidential races can get nasty. But the Obamas seem to handle the mud flinging with ease.

First lady Michelle Obama addressed the recent revelations regarding her hubby’s past marijuana use on Tuesday during an appearance on “The Daily Show.”

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While she was there to promote her new cookbook, host Jon Stewart about the president’s younger days in high school and college.

New details about the president, in yet to be validated book of David Maraniss, have got the media abuzz.

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The book shares discussion worthy details about Obama’s more colorful experiences.

“By the time he was in college, like so many young people, he realized that he could do more with his life,” the first lady said. “He had a mother that was always saying you’re so gifted, you’re so talented, slap him on the head, ‘get yourself together.'”

She continued, “When he lost his father, that was one of those click-in moments. And he really buckled down, he transferred schools, went to Columbia, and thought about how to use his life to the fullest.”

This marked Michelle’s first appearance on the show since moving into the White House.