*The man who brought us the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is taking his idea worldwide.

Daniel Maree and Trayvon Martin’s parents are attending a remembrance for Trayvon and Stephen Lawrence, considered by black UK citizens as the Trayvon Martin of the early 90s in London.

They have organized a town hall discussion and vigil to be held on one of London’s major streets.

Check out the excerpt of the interview below:

Martin’s parents and Lawrence’s mother will attend the town hall and vigil, confirmed Maree, who was asked by Martin family lawyer Ben Crump to spearhead the planning.

“At first I was kind of skeptical because I know how hard it is to do these things,” Maree told Loop 21 by phone. “I feel like they are kind of like the first family right now, and (Crump) is like the chief of staff. So, I couldn’t say no.”

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