monique houston*With the memory of Whitney Houston’s death still in the mind of family and fans and the recent announcement of the family’s upcoming reality show, many have taken note of how the singer’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is handling the tragedy.

Media reports indicate that she is following the same path as her mother with alleged drug use and strange behavior. As someone who was inside the Houston family circle, Monique Houston is concerned Bobbi Kristina. So much so that she was less than pleased with Oprah Winfrey’s recent interview with the vocalist’s daughter. Although the televised chat seemed to indicate she is handling her mother’s death well, Monique believes it was too soon for Bobbi Kristina to share her status with the public. In her eyes, the interview came off more like a moment for  her ex-husband Gary Houston and his current wife, Pat.

“I didn’t per se have a total problem with Oprah. I just thought the timing wasn’t a healthy move for Bobbi Kris,” she said. “Journalists have a certain low and Oprah was doing what Oprah does and what journalists do, which is to document life to a certain degree…I didn’t feel like it was an appropriate time to expose her to the media. I felt they [Pat and Gary] were just promoting themselves to a certain degree and it was only taped two weeks after her mother passed and I just thought maybe it was just too soon.

“I would think that maybe people around her would be a little bit more protective and I just felt it wasn’t a good sign,” continued Monique, who feels that Pat and Gary weren’t “being forthcoming” with statements they made in the interview, which in her opinion was “kind of a little self-serving of them.” “The focus was more so on Pat and she got to plug her candle line a couple times. There was lot of misinformation coming out and that was my opinion.”

The “misinformation,” Monique references centered on the possibility of Whitney’s death” as the situation was marked with “a lot of question marks about what actually did occur.”

“I just saw it as an opportunity for Pat to promote her candle line under the guise of letting the world see Bobbi Kris and I just thought it was inappropriate at that time. I just felt it was in poor taste and Gary was kind of denying that this was something that could have happened,” she added

Regarding Whitney’s demise, Monique sums her views on the tragedy as being “just almost inevitable” in terms of the physical toll of addiction on the body.

“It’s just one of the things that can happen in addiction that… the relapse is what really is taxing on the body,” she explained. “The recovery and getting healthy and then going back and forth that’s always one of the things you worry about, that the body will give out or something like this will happen.”