morgan freeman*How dare Morgan Freeman express his constitutional right to speak his mind!

After all, he could put the interests of Time Warner in jeopardy.

The actor made some anti-conservative, anti-tea party political remarks recently, and they could have a negative effect on the company’s movie profits.

Last year, he appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight” to promote his then new movie, “Dolphin Tale,” but the conversation turned into a political one. He called the tea party’s campaign against President Barack Obama “a racist thing.” He added that the group’s agenda is to “screw the country.”

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For that, Freeman got the attention of a black Tea Party watchdog group, Project 21.

Oscar Murdock, a spokesman for the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network and a tea party activist, asks:

“Considering the potential damage Mr. Freeman’s radical politics inflicted on his last Warner Brothers film, is Time Warner taking any steps to make sure that the press tour for the new Batman movie is not similarly used by Mr. Freeman to promote his divisive views, but instead to affirmatively draw people to movie theaters?”

Further, Murdock added that the tea party is a “bipartisan, multi-racial coalition of ordinary Americans striving for a better economic situation, a fair judiciary and lawmakers who focus on legislating over playing politics.”

Time Warner has yet to respond.

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