myesha chaney

Myesha Chaney

*We when begin this journey in life, we are fortune enough to enjoy the benefits of loving and nurturing relationships.

As we grow older, our relational muscles are strengthened and those budding feelings become more concrete. Within the confines of family, friends, and confidants, exists this unbreakable bond of love and trust. What happens when the circumstances of life invade these emotional safety zones and confront us with the reality of loss? It is easy to get into a relationship. The hard part is letting go. Whether it is the sudden passing of child, the loss of a parent following a long battle with cancer, or the unfortunate divorce from a spouse after 20 years of marriage, we must love and find the courage to let go. The most difficult task that one will ever accomplish in life is gaining the ability to live, to love, and let go. When times are great with our love ones, we make beautiful memories that give us emotional satisfaction and enhance our overall sense of well-being. When times become challenging and the threat of lost is pending or even realized, those are the memories we must fight to remember.

Recently, I experienced loss in a profound way. Darren S. Rockett, my son’s Godfather, was a great man. He was a father, son, community leader, firefighter, deacon, and friend. In the prime of his life, mid-forties, we enjoyed spending time together. Our families traveled the world together, we did ministry together, and occasionally, endured hardship together. We spent some of our best moments planning for the future and reflecting on the road ahead. He was a joy to be around and had an impact on those his life touched. After spending the day with my husband, friends, and his family, he retreated to his bedroom to rest. He had a cardiac arrest in his sleep and, eventually, died. This vibrant, healthy father of four, who had spent his life saving others, had now lost his. It was absolutely devastating. It was the first time I had to explain to my five-year son that he wouldn’t make his trip to fire station, ride bikes through the neighborhood, or play catch with his beloved God-daddy. So many memories, so much potential, so much love and time spent building this relationship that was suddenly snatched away. Even though it has been challenging, we are making it. We allow the thoughts to pass, tears to fall, and life to continue. I am certain that one of the hardest things in life will be to live, love, and to let go.

This process is one with which I have become intimately acquainted. We can never escape the reality that the people we love and have become accustomed to having around, will one day leave us. Sometimes we get time to prepare, other times we do not. The journey through grief and lost is difficult but with courage, the help of God, and the willingness to keep on going, you can live, love, and let go.

Myesha Chaney is a recording artist signed to Kingdomanity Entertainment.  Her debut CD, Take Him to The World, will be in stores and online outlets on July 3, 2012.  She is a wife, mother and the first lady of Antioch Church of Long Beach, California, where her husband, Wayne Chaney, is Senior Pastor.  She and her husband co-hosts a weekly radio show, “Real Life with Pastor Wayne and Myesha Chaney,” on Los Angeles’ KJLH.   Please visit her at  You can email her at [email protected].