natascha hopkinsWHO:    Capo Nata designer Natascha Hopkins, known film stuntwoman has appeared such films as in “Transformers 1 & 3,” “Spider-Man 3,” and most recently stunt doubling for Zoe Kravitz in upcoming Will Smith film “After Earth”, slated to hit theaters summer 2013. This event will be hosted by “Lets Stay Together” actress Joyful Drake.

Capo Nata is a high-end performance fitness line created to appeal to EVERYBODY and every BODY. Designed to mold and shape each individual figure during personalized workout. Guest will enjoy complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuves.

WHERE: Café Entourage
1600 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

natascha hopkins


Capo-Nata’s creator, Natascha Hopkins, just recently wrapped filming for the upcoming film “After Earth” starring award winning actor Will Smith along with Jayden Smith, and Zoe Kravitz, who plays Will Smith’s daughter.

Natascha’s role in this Sci-Fi Adventure is Zoe Kravitz stunt double!

“I had a blast on set! I absolutely adore Zoe and watching M. Night Shyamalan direct. It was a very gratifying experience,” stated Hopkins.

The film is set to premiere Summer of 2013 with highly anticipated raves reviews.

Hopkins is determined and on a mission to unleash the “Born Leader” in men & women worldwide. She is taking her stunts to the next level with a coed clothing line! Hence the meaning behind the catchy brand name, Capo-Nata Apparel. Natascha Hopkins is a professional stuntwoman from Worms, Germany that has created a distinguished collection that fulfills the void in athletic gear. What makes this new athletic line different? It is owned and operated by a professional stuntwoman who designs for not only comfort, but also has excelled in merging function and style to every athletic experience.

Capo Nata’s garments are worn and appreciated from high profile athletes because of the unique designs and also for the more relaxed and common consumer who wants to workout yet be fashionable.

Capo Nata’s novelty garments are made for both men and women. However, the  “Lean Body Sports Bra”  (retail $150) is a patent pending masterpiece! It not only gives major support to the upper core areas but also is proven to reduce the waistline and promote weight loss in the mid section because of the neoprene fabric. The average woman in the U.S. is a size 16, Capo-Nata provides plus and hard to fit sizes. Capo-Nata is striving to promote self-reliance, self-disciple, and self-confidence.

About Natascha Hopkins
Natascha Hopkins was born and lived in Worms, Germany then lived in Saudi Arabia for 5 years.  Getting into the entertainment business for Natascha was extremely natural being that she was a national champion gymnast. The very first time she was on set as a background actress, she saw a stunt and it just “clicked.” “I understood the team work between the director, stunt crew, and special effects and knew I NEEDED it in my life!” she says. Thankfully she was mentored, trained and working full time in less than 6 months, which is very extraordinary in this  type of career. A very special moment in the business for Natascha was  working on her first action film “Smokin Aces.” With the fire burns, gunshots, blood, things being blown up all in one take it was more than confirmation that this was it. The director Joe Carnahan was screaming out of excitement before he even yelled “cut.” The amazing experience was addictive to Natascha and was a great motivation for her future. The second, and very exceptional moment was being nominated for the “JEWL” award this year. This award reflects working consistently based on talent, personality, and drive. It is an extreme honor to be recognized by the stunt community. Natascha has doubled actresses for multiple seasons’  such as Raven Symone, Dana Davis, and Donya Ramirez. Natascha has doubled or did her own stunts on over 30 network television shows and over 20 studio films, and will only continue to excel.





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