*The out-spoken, hilarious comedian/actress Niecy Nash celebrated a special day this past weekend.

The new star of the TV Land show “Soul Man” featuring Cedric The Entertainer, celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary.

Check out an excerpt of the interview she recently did with Essence.com where she dishes on the juicy details of her marriage to Jay Tucker:

ESSENCE.COM: What do you have planned for your anniversary?

NIECY NASH: We actually celebrated our six-month anniversary. Girl! Our six-month anniversary fell when we were actually shooting our reality series (Leave It To Niecy). You saw it in the episode. I’m not a cook at all, but my husband is Jamaican, so I had a chef come in and teach me how to cook Jay’s favorite Jamaican foods. It was so nice. I had Jamaican music. I dressed up like an island girl. He loved it. We wanted to go somewhere really amazing, but I’ll be working, so we decided to have a really big party over the holiday weekend. We’re just gonna have one great big celebration.

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