*President Obama’s recent ad touting his call to kill 9/11 terror mastermind has gained its share of critics.

Current and past Navy SEALs as well as Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington have criticized the president for bringing the killing of bin Laden up.

Many feel the ad and Obama’s frequent mention of the killing is in bad taste.

NewsOne writer Michael Arceneaux disagrees.

Check out an excerpt of his thoughts below in his weekly column over at the site. Also, view the video below.

Apparently, it is in poor taste for a politician to politicize a decision he made as it relates to policy. Yes, in the latest chapter of the condemnation of convenience culture we’re currently soiling ourselves in, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is taking many hits in various directions for his latest Osama bin Laden-focused campaign ad. The former President Bill Clinton-narrated clip highlights the “harder and the more honorable path” our current commander-in-chief took in ordering the assassination of the terrorist leader, while asking, “Which path would Mitt Romney have taken?”

That question has sparked criticism from largely the right, though even select leftists have joined in. Enter Arianna Huffington, though, who has denounced the ad as “despicable” in a recent interview with “CBS This Morning,” and even went as far as saying she agrees with the Romney campaign.

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