*President Barack Obama’s appearance on” The View” this week gave the show a 15-month ratings high, according to Deadline.com.

His Tuesday visit, where he spoke about topics like Wall Street reform and his recently announced support for gay marriage, drew 4.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

It was his fourth visit to the ABC morning talk show and the first of his re-election campaign.

During the hour, Obama also took a Pop Culture quiz from co-host Joy Behar. An admitted fan of Showtime’s “Homeland” and AMC’s “Mad Men,” Obama was up to speed on Kim Kardashian, who he mentioned during his routine at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and “Modern Family.” Announcing he’s seen the movie, the president could name the members of “The Avengers” but he didn’t know about the erotic best-seller Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Watch a clip below: