*One of the many things we can say about Hip-Hop as a whole is that it’s homophobic.

We have heard rumors of gay rappers in the industry who are popular, but none of those rappers have ever come out?

Why? Because they fear what their peers would think of them.

Nowadays, on the heels of President Obama’s acceptance of same sex marriage, you have some MCs that have spit anti-gay lyrics in the past now backing the president.

Do you believe them or not?

Here’s an excerpt from a piece written on partner site MadameNoire:

I can’t tell yet if President Obama’s really started something with black male rappers and acceptance of homosexuality or if these stars are just being trendy, but after Jay-Z expressed his support of the POTUS’ controversial same-sex marriage stance, T.I. has done the same.

In an interview with MTV’s RapFix Live, TIP made it clear that the push for gay couples to be able to marry is a non-issue for him.

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