rihanna*Rihanna made the producers of “SNL” upset when she ditched the final rehearsal for the show last week.

Sources say the singer called in sick for the dress rehearsal, and brought the main man, Lorne Michaels, to a boil when she didn’t show up ’til the last minute, according to TMZ.

But her choreographer had her back and danced to the songs in her stead.

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When Rihanna decided to show up, the set crew and all involved appeared shocked as she seemed quite well, but no one called her out on it.

During the show, she was seen by staffers hanging out, walking around and eating like any normal, healthy person would.

But sources close to the singer said she had been to every rehearsal until then and that she was really feeling too sick to go to final run through. Allegedly she even had a doctor come to her dressing room. He administered a shot of penicillin before she went on.

Watch Rihanna perform “Where Have You Been” on “Saturday Night Live”: