royce reed*Royce Reed of “Basketball Wives” let it all out via her blog recently, calling out Evelyn Lozada after she aired Jennifer’s dirty laundry on the show.

“It’s sad to see the friend code battered and butchered so horribly. So Evelyn, I hope you know that was ‘Ratchet!!!!!,” Royce wrote. “It shocked me to see Evelyn air so many of Jenn’s secrets. It almost seemed as if she got joy from not only airing it to the other ladies, but to the world,” said Royce. “We didn’t need to know, especially from her former best friends, that her bank accounts were locked, her heat was turned off or who she slept with or without a condom.”

Jennifer has yet to address whether or not any of the allegations were true or false, but she didn’t deny that Evelyn has betrayed her beyond reconciliation.

“Whether the validity of things being said about me was true or false, as a friend there are certain things I would NEVER do. If you tell me something in confidence friend or foe, whether I don’t speak to you 20 years from now I will respect that and you will never have to worry about me repeating a word,” wrote Jennifer.

Meanwhile, Reed vowed never to go down that route with anyone, not even Evelyn. She said no matter where their relationship is now, nothing would provoke her to air Evelyn’s dirty secrets.

Please reconsider. Please, Royce. Pretty please.