Sacha Baron Cohen as "The Dictator" - Press Conference at The Waldorf-Astoria on May 7, 2012 in New York City.

*Admiral General Aladeen, straight from the fictional North African country Republic of Wadiya, had a lot to say when he met with members of the international media Monday in New York.

The latest satirical alter-ego of actor Sacha Baron Cohen, and star of his upcoming film “The Dictator,” opened his Q&A with  the “devils of the Zionist media” by suggesting that dictators of the world are more misunderstood than evil.

“These brave leaders are suffering daily victimization and brutality for the supposed crime of embezzling money, oppressing the people and doing a tiny little bit of genocide,” he declared. “In recent years tyrants all over the world have fallen one by one – Saddam, Kim Jong Il, Gaddafi and Oprah. Sanctions are crippling us.  Ahmadinejad can’t even afford a tie.”

The strongman went on to deny the Holocaust, belittle female journalists in the room and choke up with pride when one reporter noted his comparisons to Hitler.

“I mean, it’s one thing to be called Hitleresque, but to be in the same discussion and in the same line as Hitler, wow,” he said. “I feel like I’ve finally made it.”

But a fictional bombshell was dropped when talk turned toward the common practice of dictators flying in famous entertainers to perform at their private parties. General Aladeen let it be known that he is, in fact, responsible for two of the biggest unsolved murders in recent history; crimes that went down at his own birthday party.

Listen below.

“The Dictator” opens nationwide on May 11. Watch the trailer below.