*One of the most popular songs on the globe is the timeless Sade.

Sade, who many would confuse for a woman in her late 30s, is actually in her 50s but keeps herself looking oh so great.

In a recent interview, her guitarist Stuart Matthewman dished on her 2011 concert DVD and talked about some things you may not know about the singer.


ESSENCE.com: Can you tell us a few things we don’t know about Sade the group, Sade the person…

MATTHEWMAN: [Laughs] The first thing is timing for Sade. When we hadn’t done a tour in ten years, or maybe we finished a tour a couple years later, and she won’t realize that it was like a year ago. She’ll think it was like a month ago. Also, she loves gardening. When she gets into her garden, it’s like time stops.

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