santa*LOS ANGELES, Calif.  — “Santa” is the title of a new medical thriller by African American author Dr. Christopher Otiko, who spent the last three years of his life writing this story inside of the mind of Kim Kramer, a white American female medical student, whose London internship places her in a whirlwind of action adventure, murder, lies and conspiracy. (To read the first chapters of  “Santa,” go to

Inspired by the many Sidney Sheldon books Otiko has read featuring strong female characters, he didn’t find it at all unusual to write the story from a white woman’s perspective: “I see people first, not race. I see things from a man’s point of view, so I did have to ask for input from women friends to understand a female’s perspective when it comes to relationships.”

“Santa” also provides unique insights into the British medical system, which is “quite different from the American medical education system,” according to Otiko, whose sister still lives there working as a nurse.

“For example, in Britain, when a doctor reaches a senior rank, he is referred to as mister,” Otiko said.

Otiko relied on his contacts and knowledge of Europe to create the background for the book. “I grew up in London and have been back there several times,” he said. “I used this knowledge to help flesh out the book, borrowing heavily from neighborhoods I have lived in. I also have travelled extensively throughout continental Europe, and that also came in handy.”

Otiko has lived on three continents (Africa, Europe and North America,) providing him with a rich fabric of experiences on which to draw for his fiction writing. Otiko plans to make this the first in a series of Kim Kramer medical adventures.

“Santa” will be available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook and the Apple iTunes store on May 29. It is currently available via PayPal for $1.99. (E-mail [email protected].) For more information visit Author Christopher Otiko on Facebook.




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