shawn stockman & sons*Member of Grammy award winning group, Boyz II Men, Shawn Stockman shared in a heartfelt interview with CNN, his journey with raising an autistic child.

The singer said shortly after his son, Micah’s first birthday, he began to notice some changes. At a loss of what to do, he felt hopeless and helpless.

His son was diagnosed with autism.

“It was drastic because Micah was the first one to talk, he was the first one to walk. Everything seemed to be very, very normal,” Stockman told CNN, describing how he learned he had a twin son with autism. “I did not know what to do, and one thing a man hates when it comes down to his family is not knowing what to do,” Stockman said.

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According to the CDC, symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) vary greatly from one child to the next. While some show hints of future problems within the first few months of life, others may not show any signs until 24 months or later.