Sheree Whitfield*After it was official that Sheree Whitfield was dismissed from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” word got around that the former reality star was hurt and even shed a few tears.

But she denies that ever happened. Keep in mind, however, she did say she quit the show and was not fired.

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In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister, Whitfield appeared a little salty when she said that Bravo will have a hard time getting someone new.

“No one can replace me. I can’t be replaced,” Sheree told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. “They can’t be looking for a replacement for me, but they’re looking for someone to add to the cast,” she said.

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Sources say she cried and begged to be kept on the show. But Whitfield also denied those rumors saying that’s not something she would do.

“You see my character … I’m not even that girl,” she said, adding she was vacationing when they sent for her in New York.

“They sent for me to come to New York and I’m begging, I’m crying-are you serious? No, I was in San Juan, uh, actually at the St. Regis. Y’all can look it up,” she said.

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Whatever the truth is, Whitfield claims she’s got other opportunities lined up for her since she’s no longer on the show.

“It feels like a weight lifted off of my shoulders when I tell you. I am so serious. It was a lot of stress. So right now, I’m just taking time out to kind of enjoy life,” she said.