*There are many black celebrity couples that we don’t know about.

But what about the black celebrity couples we forgot about that actually have kids?

Our partner site, MadameNoire, decided to create an additional list of black celebrity couples who have kept not only their marriage out of the spotlight, but the fact that they have kids as well.

First on the list is Hot 97 personality, the Puerto Rican Angie Martinez, and her ex-boyfriend and ex Dru Hill member Nokio.

Angie Martinez & Nokio

Seeing as though these two dated when Dru Hill was still pretty hot on the scene, if you didn’t know who Angie Martinez was, it wouldn’t be long before you found out.  During one of Angie’s radio shows they even threw her a baby shower on the air.  It appears the relationship didn’t last too long after the birth of their son Niko, who is now eight years old (he’s being held by Angie in the above pic while it is believed the older boy is Niko’s other son).

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