single ladies (season 2)*Season one of “Single Ladies” came and went.

VH1 is ready to start it all over with season two, which will premiere on May 28, with all the drama and scandal.

When the show debuted last year around the same time, the viewership averaged 3 million a week, bringing in women 18-34 years old. Season two could bring in more.

According to critics, the show does a good job at keeping its target interested with superficial conversation and the hassle of juggling men and lavish lives. Some say the show is nothing more than a fantasy being sold to … single women.

One male writer comments that there’s clearly nothing appealing about the show for men, except Stacey Dash sporting small, tight fitted clothes on occasion.

But she won’t be joining the cast for the new season. She was replace by Denise Vasi (above in the middle). Also actress Cassandra Freeman has joined the show,  however it’s unknown what her relationship to the other cast members will be in the storyline.

Check out the season 2 trailer: