denise vasi*The newest season of “Single Ladies” is underway and Denise Vasi is stepping on the scene with a brand new character.

“I play Raquel Lancaster, a smart, savvy businesswoman. Raquel, when you first meet her, she’s going to go through something that propels her into this life-changing journey. She goes through something that drops in her life like a bomb, and she spends the rest of the season figuring out what she wants,” Denise told Sister 2 Sister.

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While all the details weren’t disclosed, Vasi shared that her character will have quite a bit of support in her rough moments throughout the show.

She added that Raquel, who is a longtime friend of Keisha’s, will find love, but didn’t say with whom.

“Because she’s going through this rediscovery and asking all these questions, that’s where the audience is going to relate to her the most,” she said. “She’s wealthy, troubled, smart and she’s learning to deal with her emotions and speak up about them and I think that’s a place that every woman has been in at some point in her life. That’s why she’ll be super-relatable.”