african-american-woman-dating*Most Christians have a pretty good grip on what the Bible says about sex. Burn in hell if you commit fornication, right?

Despite the many warnings God’s word may present, many young (and old) single Christians are defying that little note in the scripture and sexing.

A piece that originally appeared in the May issue of Ebony magazine takes a look at how people who are unmarried, but not so young anymore, are balancing their faith with real-world temptations.

Yolanda Jordan* remembers the moment she decided to have sex for the first time. She was 27, fresh out of grad school, in a committed relationship — and horny. She was also raised in the Baptist church and had taken a vow of abstinence. “I was curious,” says Jordan, now 34, a graphic designer in Columbus, Ohio. “My mind was telling me one thing, my body another. I was grown [and] longing to be touched. I am not perfect; I struggle with sin. I strive to live a righteous life. Just because I have a Bible on my nightstand and condoms in the drawer doesn’t mean I love God any less or that He doesn’t love me.” …

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