tavis smiley & bill orielly

Tavis Smiley & Bill O'Reilly

*Known for his relentless pursuit to hold the media accountable, Tavis Smiley appeared on the “O’Reilly Factory” Thursday and called out Fox News for the network’s slow coverage of Trayvon Martin.

Bill O’Reilly and the PBS talk show host discussed the various current events including the recent assault of two white journalists in Virginia.

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O’Reilly insisted the attack was a bias crime against white people and it should be viewed and treated as such. He also disputed that a crime against a black person would be covered the same in the media if the tables were turned.

However, Smiley stuck to his guns and insisted that wasn’t necessarily the truth.

“I don’t know that,” Smiley contradicted. “You don’t think that they would cover that story?” O’Reilly asked incredulously.
Smiley argued that “it took weeks for” the mainstream media to cover the Trayvon Martin case even though black Americans were discussing it “every day.” He added that it took forty-six days for Martin’s shooter George Zimmermann to get charged.
“The mainstream media including Fox News and my friend Bill O’Reilly didn’t jump on the story as fast as others did,” he alleged.

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The host of the show then rebutted that his team covered the story as soon as they received notice.

Smiley continued to highlight the apparent lack of coverage in the media on minority issues and crimes against blacks.