beverly broadus green*Beverly Broadus-Green has been a lot of things to a lot of people. A lifelong resident of Long Beach, California, she spent 42 years as a church choir director, she was the loving wife to Howard Green before he died in 2005 and before retirement she earned a living as a head chef. She said her specialty dish is cheese and macaroni (not the other way around), because that’s what her four sons and six grandchildren never seem to get enough of, especially her son Cordozar Calvin Broadus, better known as Snoop Dogg.

But after years of serving so many people, Broadus-Green said Easter Sunday 2005 she accepted the calling to serve the Lord. Now she’s an ordained Evangelist who travels the country doing her part to build the Kingdom of God. Broadus-Green’s first passion is helping battered women.

“I’m blessed with the discernment to pick up on abusive relationships,” said Broadus-Green, adding that helping women and young girls is a way for her to help others avoid some of the issues she endured in her own past relationships. Broadus-Green said her home was the ‘open house’ of the neighborhood when her children were younger. So, she’s spent a lot of time trying to keep her sons – and other young men – out of gangs and away from drugs. So what does she think of Snoop’s music videos depicting a blunt-smoking rapper who degrades and parties with scantily-clad women?

“I told him I was embarrassed by it, and he told me his lyrics were not about me or all women, but certain women, ‘and they know who they are,’ he told her.

That’s why her latest project,, has such great meaning for her. is a non-profit 501-c3 designed to teach youth how to start successful businesses, solve problems and apply for business loans. That means understanding the importance of having good credit and good communication skills. Broadus-Green said it’s not enough to tell youth just to say no to drugs and gangs, “they have to have something to say ‘yes’ to and focus on,” she said. Broadus-Green started with her business partner and confidant, Marvin Fredlaw. Fredlaw, who is a self-employed computer programmer, said is a much needed program in urban areas because public schools do little to nothing to teach students how to become entrepreneurs.

“In this economy learning to start your own business instead of depending on a job is important,” said Fredlaw. And because parents are a child’s first teacher, Broadus-Green and Fredlaw encourage parents to partner with their children to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to reality. For those youth who already have a viable business, will promote their service or product through its e-commerce website. Steven Brooks, Jr. is one such teen who already has created a thriving business. This budding chemist creates and sells signature body oils.

Although is in its infancy, the duo plans to take it across the country by partnering with well-known celebrities such as Broadus-Green’s son Snoop, rapper Wiz Khalifa (Snoop’s protégé’) and local politicians. When Broadus – Green is not on the road fulfilling speaking engagements as an Evangelist or doing community service work she plans to promote her second book entitled “Real Love II” which is scheduled for release in July. Both books chronicle her personal experiences about recognizing true love and grieving the loss of a loved one. Part one of  “Real Love” was released in 2004.

Recently Broadus-Green joined the cast of “Women Pastors – Ladies In the Pulpit.” This new reality TV show will reveal the incredible challenges of women pastors who must balance the responsibilities of home, work and church amid the scrutiny of family members, church parishioners and outsiders. “Women Pastors – Ladies In the Pulpit” is expected to premier in the fall of 2012 or early 2013.

beverly broadus & steffanie rivers

Evangelist Beverly Bradus-Green and story author Steffanie Rivers