mitt romney & jason curger*There’s always that “different” black person who chooses to “walk on the other side” or go against the grain when it comes to politics.

One such person is Jason Cruger, a New York college student created a Facebook page called “African Americans for Mitt Romney. So far, it has 144 likes, surpassing its not too aggressive goal of gaining 100 fans.

Cruger, a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, started the page in January in an attempt to encourage black voters to support the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

“Mitt Romney will create many new jobs for African-Americans,” Cruger wrote on the site. “He has laid out a plan to get the economy moving, lower unemployment and make sure that promises made by a functional government are promises kept.”

As you can imagine, being the president of his school’s Republican Club, Cruger is usually “one of a few African Americans at any Republican event.”

He went on to say that more black people need to be Republican and balance things more.