jill scott & tamar braxton*It seems like Tamar Braxton and Jill Scott don’t quite see eye to eye when it comes to Mary Mary’s TV show.

All Jill did Thursday night was tweet: “Please watch Mary Mary on WE tv. Finally a real representation. Yay!”

But apparently Tamar didn’t appreciate what she perceived as a slight to Mary Mary (or their WE tv show) from Jill.

Tamar posted: “*gets in her feelings* She won’t go there*she won’t go there*she won’t go there* she won’t go there*she prays and waits*.”

Then her sister Towanda made it two on one, tweeting: “Finally realizing how folk hate on [Braxton Family Values]….. Get a life!”

Towanda also added: “Opinions we can handle but black shade against black shade I can not!! We should all stick 2gether or say nothing! Suga, we know there is no competition and I applaud females doing their thing but the shade is apparent!”

But alas, Jilly from Philly refused to get snared into an online beef over what she thought was a non controversial comment not ment to hurt anyon’s feelings:

“U can’t be speaking to me,” Jill tweeted, shutting the ensuing Twitter battle down. “Ok grow all the way up people. Just because I love oranges doesn’t mean I HATE apples.”