tamron hall & tim carney*While stakes are high as the presidential campaigns heat up and dirt is flung either way, debates among critics and political pundits are also heating up.

Things went totally south in a segment on MSNBC that was supposed to be about Mitt Romney and his campaign’s poor handling of the Washington Post story about the candidate’s bullying past.

On Friday’s “News Nation,” host Tamron Hall set it off against Washington Examiner correspondent Tim Carney. The two got into a verbal argument way off topic to the point they began to throw personal blows.

Carney accused the host of laying the “old media trick” of “justifying second-day coverage” by “hyping a story in the first place, then claiming people are talking about it.”

Hall, however pointed to the fact the guest knew what the topic of the show was going to be about and he didn’t have to accept the invitation

When Carney tries to protest, saying something about wanting to “go meta-meta,” she cuts him off with, “Hang on. You’re kind of in my house here,” adding, “You’re not going to come on and insult the network.” Think he’ll be invited back? And if so, will she turn his mic back on?

Interestingly on Sunday, Howard Kurtz, of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,”said it was Hall who was “being insulting” to Carney.

“I’m sorry, it was Tamron Hall who was being insulting by silencing him,” said Kurtz. “Carney was perfectly entitled to say that, in his opinion, the story was being hyped.”

Kurtz concluded by asking rhetorically, “does Hall only want guests who agree with her handling of every story?”

Watch the video(s) below and see if you agree.