terrell owens*It’s no secret that Terrell Owens has some serious baby mama drama.

The former football star went on “Dr. Phil” to talk face to face with three of his four children’s mothers to address the dead beat dad claims.

His exes went hard in the paint about the man’s lack of follow through as a dad, including his inconsistent child support checks.

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Despite his apparent fortune he accumulated as a NFL player, Owens says he is unable to fulfill his financial obligations as a father via child support because he’s not signed with a team.

“Within the media, they think I’m a selfish, arrogant, cocky person,” he explained. “My character has been mis-portrayed. The media won’t allow me to turn over a new leaf.”

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One mother, Melanie Paige Smith says he hasn’t seen their daughter because he won’t pay for the plane ticket to for her to bring their child to his spot.

Kimberly Floyd mimicked her sentiments saying he’s only willing to do the “bare minimum” and says he’s only seen their 7-year-old daughter 12 times in her life and never sends gifts.

His excuse, pitiful, was that he has a busy schedule and when he asks to come see his kids, moms always say it’s a bad time.

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