terrence howard*Dang, it looks like Terrence Howard is have female problems … again.

According to CBS Philadelphia report, a woman has been charged with assaulting the actor at his Philly home on May 6 at around 11 p.m.

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Police say he was romantically involved with Seng Yang for several years, but after they broke up, the woman continued to aggressively pursue him.

That night, Yang showed up at his house where she was met by the actor’s current girlfriend. Howard came outside after he heard a loud noise.

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Concerned neighbors would be disturbed by the commotion, he opened the gate hoping to calm down his enraged ex.

Instead, things got violent and Yang attacked Howard and hit him in the face.

“You have to remember, she’s 5’1″, 110 pounds,” said Yang’s attorney John McAuliffe, according to CBS Philadelphia. “He’s 6’2″ and close to 200 pounds. She did not attack him.”

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Instead, Yang claims she was attacked.

Police reports, however, favor Howard and his girlfriend’s story. But Yang’s attorney says the authorities are taking sides.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June.