*Have you ever looked at your bank account and your credit card statements and wondered why you couldn’t pay your bills?

You ever wonderrd why you spend more than you bring in and are struggling to pay bills every month?

Well, there’s a lot of us that will consider skipping the rent and look at buying a pair of Jordans or a Gucci bag instead. But we have to stop doing that. We have to.

Partner site Uptown Magazine recently wrote an article on the “baller culture.” Check out an excerpt below:

Skyrocketing debt and plummeting savings. Real Louis Vuitton tattoos to match fake Christian Louboutin pumps. Children named Chardonnay and A’Lexus. These are all interconnected symptoms of a pandemic which is ravaging our communities faster than diabetes and high blood pressure. I’m talking about the lethal virus of living beyond our means.

While there is nothing wrong with trying to reach higher ground and strive for more personal success, the problem I see now is a debilitating cultural shift in our priorities and in the way we value ourselves. Somehow along the road to the land of milk and honey, we took a detour and wound up in the land of bread and C.R.E.A.M. To the outside world we proclaim to have made it. But let’s face it people, most of us are just plain frontin’… and it is killing us.

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