*Most people have probably never thought about it, but some would argue that Angela Davis is one of the mothers of the civil rights movement.

She was a well-educated individual who traveled the world and came back to America to fight the war against black people during the civil rights movement. She even lost her position as an educator at UCLA for her alignment with the Black Panther Party.

Below is a piece from D.L. Chandler where he honors the historic civil rights leader. Check out the excerpt and click on the link below to read the rest.

As a professor of Philosophy at UCLA, Davis would become one of the central figures of Black activism, voicing her politics and aligning herself with the Black Panther Party. Controversy would ensue as she routinely spoke out against injustice, even from her perch as an educator. She would be fired by the school in 1970, thrusting her into one of the more explosive moments of her life. After developing a relationship of letter correspondence with jailed activist and Black Panther member George Jackson, she would find herself labeled a fugitive and terrorist after a courthouse shooting in August of 1970 went awry, resulting in the death of Jackson’s 17-year old brother, Jonathan as well as a judge.

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