annoyed single woman*When single women are together, they usually talk about men.

When single women are alone and wanting a man, the last thing they want to hear from a friend or a random person is: “Don’t worry, you’ll find one soon?” Or: “Don’t be picky?”

Check out 2 of the top 10 things the writers over at Essence think are the most annoying things to tell a single woman.

09. Use this time to work on you. Anytime’s a good time for self-improvement. I know some women need to decompress following a really bad or hurtful relationship, but singleness need not be the sole reason to chase a dream or chip away at a personal flaw.

10. Stop being so picky. A woman wants what she wants. But if expecting a man to have a job, his right mind, some manners and all of his front teeth — and not the Lil’ Jon kind — makes a gal picky, then guilty as charged.

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