tia mowry*As we reported earlier, Tia Mowry-Hardrict has decided to leave “The Game.”

Whether she was written out of the show or whether she left on her own volition, isn’t clearly known.  However, she says she’s ready to pursue her dreams in other areas.

On Thursday morning, she appeared on VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz” to give her spin on why she’s leaving the show.

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Although most exits come from hurt feelings and lots of drama, Mowry says the decision was purely based on the changes she wants to see in her own life. There were no hard feelings, in short.

Right now she’s working on an ABC Family film with her twin sister Tamera on their reality show and wants to spend more time with her new family.

But, as we also reported, Mowry-Hardtrict isn’t the only one pursuing other ventures. Pooch Hall, who plays ‘Derwin Davis,’ is also leaving the show. What a coincidence right?

He was cast in a new Showtime drama and that has become his priority, he revealed.

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But if the two main characters leave the show, will there be any more of the series?

Ahh yes, the $64 million question that’s yet to be answered.