randy jackson*Umph, umph, umph, America’s number one Dawg is truly not feeling the love when it comes to supporting his ex-wife’s daughter financially.

Sources tell the National Enquirer that “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson’s ex-wife Elizabeth had to fight to get more child support for their teenage daughter, Taylor, that reflects the singing competition judge’s increase in income since becoming a fixture on “Idol.” According to court records obtained by the tabloid, Jackson is worth an estimated $40 million.

The records state that based on his then $250,000 annual income, Jackson agreed to pay to pay $1,950 a month in child support when he divorced Elizabeth in 1993. Despite this, Elizabeth demanded more money from Jackson in 2004 as she claimed he was making $1 million a year as an “American Idol” judge while she was getting by on approximately $30,000 a year.

In court, Elizabeth revealed she and Taylor were living in a rundown, two-bedroom rented house in Studio City, Calif., while Jackson was living comfortably in a multimillion-dollar Encino mansion with his new wife Erika and their two kids. Elizabeth further stated in court papers filed in court that she dealt with paint peeling in the bathroom and an unreliable water heater in the house, which she said was uncomfortably cold at night.

In addition, Elizabeth mentioned how she did not have enough money to pay for Taylor going out with friends to places like theme parks and concerts

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While Elizabeth’s home provided enough problems, a source says that wasn’t the only apparent issue.

“If Liz needed additional financial help for their daughter, like tutoring or a hair appointment, she had to write to his accountants to be reimbursed, said the source, who labeled Jackson as “a bit of a tightwad.” She also asked Randy to reimburse her for Taylor’s lunch money – just $71 a month – and he even stalled on that. He eventually paid up, but his accountants were slow to respond and Liz needed to follow up with several faxes and phone calls.”

Eventually, Jackson did make good as court documents note that he agreed to give Elizabeth $3,750 a month in child support for Taylor until her 18th birthday as well as cover the costs of her private schooling. In addition to the increased child support, Jackson agreed to pay $100,000 toward her college education.