tim story*The highest paid black director in Hollywood is still one of the most underrated and unknown people in the industry, but “Think Like A Man” should put him on the map, right?

One Los Angeles Times blogger doesn’t think Tim Story has the pull yet to make that impact.

The director has directed five other studio films, which have all been rightfully successful.

The writer explains that despite the huge amount of money he’s raked in over the years (nearly $1 billion), he hasn’t gained the respect he deserves among his peers.

That’s more money than Antoine Fuqua, Spike Lee, and John Singleton. He’s even worked on both “Fantastic Four” movies, one (if not the only) black director to head a major action, special effects laded film.

Despite his success with major productions, Story doesn’t quite make the cut, says the writer. Race could be a factor, however some of his work hasn’t been the best, partially due to bad acting and bad scripts.

But the writer can’t help but focus on the race factor.

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